Friday, June 21, 2013

Jason Bonham Interview

Jason Bonham being interviewed on Gator 98.7 radio. This appears to be from before the opening show of the tour on Monday.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Elimination Blues

The new Primal Scream video, with Robert Plant on vocals:

Then as it Was

Dave Lewis announced in the 35th edition of his magazine, Tight But Loose that he's hard at work on a rewrite of his fabulous book Led Zeppelin Then as it Was at Knebworth 1979. According to Lewis, the book will have a total redisign with a new cover, a slew of new pictures and 35,000 more words. That would be, by my rough estimate, about 1/3 more book. 

Then as it Was was my introduction to Dave Lewis' writing and it proved to be a good one. The show I almost was at, and one of my favorite's to listen to - as much as anything because it encompasses their entire career - Lewis captured the era, the mood around the band in the late 70's and the two shows remarkably. It is a fabulous book, my favourite in the Led Zeppelin canon, and it is exciting to think of the additions being made to it.

Then as it Was will be available in the fall, with each book individually numbered and signed by Lewis. You can pre-order Then as it Was now, with the lowest number books going to the early buyers.  

Tight But Loose #35

Dave Lewis has released the thirty-fifth edition of his fabulous Led Zeppelin magazine, Tight But Loose. If you have bought your 2013 subscription, you should have the magazine in your hands by now. It is once again loaded with features, including an investigation into the location of a 1968 photo-shoot, an interview with Houses of the Holy cover designer Aubrey Powell and a feature on the June 1973 Kezar Stadium how in San Francisco.

The cover features a picture of Jimmy Page in white suit at the above mentioned Kezar Stadium show by photographer Dan Cuny. As well, each subscriber gets an 8x10 photo of Jimmy and Robert Plant from the same show by the same photographer, suitable for framing. There is also a special collectors edition of Tight But Loose #35 with a picture of Robert on the cover, again from Kezar Stadium and taken by Cuny.

It is, all round, a fabulous magazine, worth having for every Led Zeppelin fan.

You can subscribe to Tight But Loose and get all three 2013 edition's at As well, you can purchase single editions and the special edition Robert cover. And tell Dave that Brian sent you.

Don't miss Ramble On Radio Episode #31 where I give a review of TBL #35.  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Robert Plant: Nothing Takes the Place of You

The latest preview for the movie Winter in the Blood, which premieres Friday at the Los Angeles Film Festival, features Robert Plant singing Toussaint McCall's Nothing Takes the Place of You. Plant recorded the song exclusively for the movie.

 Find out more about Winter in the Blood here or at the movie's official site.

Monday, June 10, 2013

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We Have a Winner

Congratulations Ned Gubbi of Medford, NJ, you have won the 8x10 alternate cover for Neal Preston's Sound and Fury, signed by Preston.

Here's an admittedly awful video of choosing the winner during the taping of the podcast last night.

Congratulation Ned.

And don't forget to buy Neal Preston's Sound and Fury, only at iTunes.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Crowd-funding Zeppelin Campaign

Photographer Jorgen Angel, who took pictures of Led Zeppelin's first ever show at the Gladsaxe Teen Club in Copanhagen, has set up a campaign to fund a plaque to commemorate Zeppelin's first ever show.

Angel and a committee, that include Jerry Ritz, whom I met at the 2007 O2 arena Zeppelin show, are endeavouring to raise funds from Zeppelin fans around the world. If you donate $100 you can get a t-short based on a Jorgen Angel photo (he shot the band many times through the years.

The goal is to unveil the plaque on September 7th, the 45-year anniversary of the show.

For more information, including PayPal links, go to Zeppelin Debut.

Contest Over

Thanks to all who entered. Winner will be announced by tomorrow morning.

Neal Preston's Sound and Fury

While today is the last chance to enter to win an alternate cover of Neal Preston's Sound and Fury by emailing me at with the subject heading Ramble On Radio Blog Contest (go here for more information).

Meanwhile, don't forget to buy the e-book (available only for iPad). It is a sensational book that I have returned to again and again since I first bought it and reviewed it here. Click on the link below to buy for only $9.99:

Below is a number of pictures from Sound and Fury, please enjoy, and don't forget to enter to win the alternate cover and buy the book.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Don't Forget to Enter to Win

Update 36 hours left to enter - contest closes Sunday at 6PM

Ramble On Radio has unique 8X10 alternate version of the cover to Neal Preston’s iBook, Sound and Fury, signed by the author, to give away.

Preston’s book is, as I called it on my own review, “a coffee table book on steroids.” If you own an iPad, I would consider this iBook a must have at only $9.99.

To win the above 8X10, send an email to with the subject header Ramble On Radio Blog Contest (clicking the link provided will install that header). In the body of your email I need your full address, including phone number. This contest is open to residents of North America only.


You can also enter by listening to Podcast Episode #30, and supplying an email with the appropriate header.

You can enter on Facebook by joining the group Ramble on Radio and entering from there.

You can enter by joining the Ramble On Radio Google+ Community and entering from there.

And, follow Ramble On Radio at @rambleonblog on twitter for a chance to retweet and win.

Contest closes June 7th, and a winner will be chosen live on Ramble On Radio Episode 31.


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Heart and Jason Bonham: Choirs Needed

In an interview with Premier Guitar, Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson talks about her band, the recent Kennedy Center Honors, in which the band played Stairway to Heaven for members of Led Zeppelin, and the upcoming tour with Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience:

We’re very excited about it and are getting choirs from each town we visit so that we can do “Stairway to Heaven” in a way similar to how we did it at the Kennedy Center. 

Wilson also says Bonham approached the other members of Led Zeppelin to get their blessing for the project.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

John Paul Jones Speaks

John Paul Jones attended the English National Opera's premier performance of Philip Glass' new opera The Perfect American. Jones gave a quick interview at the premier, offering a few small tidbits:  Jones is halfway through the first act in the writing of his opera based on August Strindberg's Ghost Sonata. And he's too bust for a 2014 Led Zeppelin reunion that Robert Plant hinted he might be prepared to do.

Here's the interview from RCN TV.