Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reunion in Australia?

Led Zeppelin's relationship with Australia go back to the early days when the band had a hugely successful Australian tour in 1972. Gold is today reporting that Zeppelin is rumoured to be returning to Australia with a show at the Gold Coast Parklands. While this is one rumour in one town, the report, and common sense, suggests that if Led Zeppelin were to play the Gold Coast it would be as part of a larger tour:
THE Gold Coast could be climbing a stairway to heaven with rumours rife that British rockers Led Zeppelin are heading our way.

It is believed Parklands has been approached to host the concert that would be one of the biggest and best the city has ever seen.

"I know there's been inquiries about it," said Parklands trustee John Howe.

"But you'll have to speak with (Parklands Trust CEO) Richard Murphy.

"I don't know what the latest is but I know there has been an inquiry about it."

However, Mr Murphy was not so forthcoming.

He simply said 'no' to every question put to him by The Bulletin.

When asked if 'no' meant that Led Zeppelin weren't coming or that he could not talk about it, he simple replied: 'No.'

"If I knew anymore I would tell you," he eventually said.

Last year false rumours emerged of a Toronto show, and there's been long standing rumours of something in New York, none of which have come to be. Frankly any reunion hope has died recently as the three members interested in the project seem to be going their own way.

None the less, if your in Australia, as false as this rumour likely is, at least you have a rumour.