Thursday, June 2, 2011

Led Zeppelin Live Dreams App

In 1995, Laurance Ratner released the book Led Zeppelin: Live Dreams. The pictorial biography follows Led Zeppelin through twenty-two shows and four American tours, and offers a glimpse of them through the lens of photographer Ratner.

Now, Led Zeppelin: Live Dreams is an iPhone app (and, I presume, other phones), that gives you the information in the book, and a whole lot more.

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Steve Madison said...

Thanks for posting the info and video on the new App. The photo of the book is actually deception. Shown is the cover of the 'gray market' edition, which was actually an incomplete version made from leftover pages from the 1995 binding. The silver sculpture, the slipcase, the Outtakes booklet, and some other components were missing. These were done at the bindery without our (the publisher) knowledge. The original (limited edition) work was published in 1993. The mass market ($90) version was released in 1995. Hope that clarifies things. Best regards, Steve Madison Marketing Director, Margaux Publishing, SMM LLC.