Monday, June 20, 2011

Howard Mylett 1947-2011

As a young Led Zeppelin fan, once I had absorbed the music and album covers, it came time to absorb the artists who made the music. In the 70's, before the internet and when the media was disinterested in Led Zeppelin, it required books. The order of reading was Michael Gross' Robert Plant bio, published by Circus Magazine, Ritchie York's Led Zeppelin: The Definitive Biography and third, Howard Mylett's LED ZEPPELIN.

Howard Mylett was a massive fan and collector of Led Zeppelin who was known to have a huge collection of Led Zeppelin pictures, and was generous in sharing them. He wrote a number of books on Led Zeppelin, including Jimmy Page: Tangents Within a Framework and Led Zeppelin: In the Light with Richard Bunton.

The last number of years his health was failing, and Saturday he succumbed to a bad heart. He was 64.

Dave Lewis has an incredible tribute to his friend.

Rest in Peace Howard Mylett, who spent a lifetime helping to bring Led Zeppelin to life.

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