Tuesday, June 21, 2011

JimmyPage.com Update

It's not much, but today Jimmy Page's website, JimmyPage.com, updated from the coming soon that has been showing for quite a while now.

jp3Before it was a black page with an elegant  picture of the guitarist all in black. Other than the words "Coming Soon," it gave an option to sign up for email  updates. Today, it shows an hour-glass with the  letters XXIII.

The game is on to figure out what the XXIII means already, with the early favourite (of mine) being 23 years since his last solo album, as suggested by Steve Thomson at the FBO mailing list. Other possibilities are that it's a count down (23 days until a music release?) or that something is coming on the 23rd.  Of the latter possibilities, we will see soon enough.

For now, Jimmy Page fans have something. Now for some music.
Update, looks like it's a countdown as today the number had changed to XXII. Furthermore, the server has image files on it for numerals al the way down to I.

That indicates something should happen on July 15th.

Stay tuned...

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