Sunday, June 5, 2011

Black Country Communion: Save Me

The song Save Me has been much talked about as having come from the Led Zeppelin sessions of 2008. “I brought that lick to from the 2008 sessions…” Jason Bonham told an interviewer. “You’ll hear it in the lick.”

At 7:42, it is the albums second longest track, featuring a spacey and slow introduction, Glenn Hughes singing over a sustained guitar chord and arpeggiated keyboard. Once the lick comes in you can hear what Bonham the younger is talking about. The Zeppelin is in the song sure enough, and you can hear the son in the drummer, with a steady solid groove backing up the guitar. In the chorus, guitarist Bonamassa, a Jimmy Page devotee himself, slips on the wah-wah pedal in a way Page might have. And the solo is certainly in the vein of Page, channelling Achilles Last Stand.

It is in the bridge, however, that the song really takes on a Zeppelin feel, as the keyboards have the tone and sound of John Paul Jones keyboard bridge in Kashmir.

Save Me, the song that emerged from the 2008 “Led Zeppelin sessions,” truthfully sounds like a Black Country Communion song, that gives a nod to Led Zeppelin, in much the same was Crossfire, later in the album, seems to give a nod to Yes (I didn’t know Glenn Hughes even owned a Rickenbacker). None the less, it provides an interesting historical peek at what might have emerged from those sessions.

Based on the evidence at hand, it’s a pity they never saw the light of day.

Black Country Communion 2 is set for release on June 14th (June 13th in Britain)


Bluebird said...

Hello, I followed your blog when I was getting ready for the O2 in 2007. How the time has passed and I'm happy you are still up and running. I agree with your post here, as I just got my copy of BCC in the mail today and listened to 'Save Me' several times. Thanks for the write-up. I head out to see BCC next week in New Hampshire. I can't wait to hear it all live !

iambriandammit said...


Thanks for following me then and now, and for letting me know your out there.

I'm not going to be getting to BCC, so if you review the concert, please forward it to me and I'll link up to you.