Friday, June 3, 2011

Will Jimmy Page be Onstage Tonight?

Will there be another Led Zeppelin reunion of sorts tonight? Singer songwriter Donovan is performing his 1966 album Sunshine Superman at the Royal Albert Hall. Here's the billing for the show:
On 3 June 2011, poet and folk-psych-pop legend Donovan will be performing his classic 1966 album Sunshine Superman and a selection of his phenomenal hits at the Royal Albert Hall. The special event will see the celebrated singer-songwriter teaming up with The London Contemporary Orchestra and some very special guests.

[caption id="attachment_1213" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Jimmy Page and Donovan at the Royal Albert Hall"]Jimmy Page and Donovan at the Royal Albert Hall[/caption]

Very special guests?

John Paul Jones and Donovan, of course go way back. Jones was the arranger of record for Sunshine Superman's follow up album,  Mellow Yellow.

However, it seems more likely that Jimmy Page is playing tonight. He was one of two guitar players on the Sunshine Superman album. As well, about six hours ago he was been spotted backstage at the Royal Albert Hall (See picture).

And then the following appeared on bassist Danny Thompson's Facebook page (Thompson is the announced bass player at this evenings show):
hey all! I'm with Danny at the Royal Albert Hall today. He'll be treading the boards with Donovan later as well as guitar super hero, Jimmy Page. It's all very lovely and ├╝ber exciting :) Lisa x

It indeed appears very possible that Jimmy Page will be appearing tonight, although that is not set in stone. Will John Paul Jones appear beside him onstage as well?

h/t to my man Nech, and Eddie over at FBO for pointing me to this story

Update: Jimmy Page played: via twitter:

My friend Kate bought me a ticket for Donovan at the Royal Albert Hall (!!?), tamazepammed me, then Jimmy Page came on. Seriously #wtf

wasn't expecting to see JIMMY PAGE tonight!

Donovan you legend. Newton Faulkner in support and guest spot for Jimmy Page! Envy.

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