Friday, November 16, 2007

Zeppelin at Glastonbury 2008?

This story seems to be a nothing story, but part of the point of this blog is to sort through the rumours and analyze what may be going on with Led Zeppelin.

It is being reported that Led Zeppelin is in negotiations to play the 2008 Glastonbury Festival at the end of June.

Led Zeppelin have been in negotiations to headline next year’s Glastonbury Festival...

The rock legends have apparently been in talks with Glastonbury head Michael Eavis about the mouth-watering prospect. They have even give the Worthy Farm owner a price for performing at the June event.

Despite the early talks, the NME claims that the negotiations have broken down after the rock outfit’s representatives named too high a price...

The problem with the story is that it originated at NME, but has already been pulled at This strongly suggests the story may have been erroneous. None the less, I will be watching this story closely to see if it has any legs.

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