Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Should the Concert be Cancelled

That's what some Led Zeppelin fans are suggesting, according to music site NME. Their mail bag, so they say, is being overrun with fans complaining about the postponement, with the general theme seeming to belong to this selfless soul:

Jen Ryan, meanwhile, a fan from New York, was even angrier, as she won't be able to afford to pay for new travel costs.

"People have planned their travels from all over the globe, myself included, to come to this once in a lifetime show!" she wrote. "This reflects poorly on the charity and Led Zeppelin's commitment to it.

"It would be more admirable for them to cancel altogether, as most people who have tickets will not be able to make a rescheduled trip - me being one of them! Shame on Led Zeppelin!"

While I concur with Stephen Brennen from Boston:

With a show that is a one-off performance, these guys should be in a freaking padded room until three minutes before the show!

Cancel the show because Jen can't make it? Please! Why should the rest of us have to suffer just because she hasn't got the wherewithal to make changes to her plans. Does this also imply that if Jen hadn't gotten a ticket in the first place the show ought to have been cancelled, the ticket lottery re-drawn.

Jen from New York, here's the deal. I have been waiting for this one for 30 years for this one. Sorry you couldn't make it, but why exactly, should that mean that I can't go?

More here.

Also, I do hope there's no truth to the rumour, here, that there is no broken finger, just a promotional tour for a Robert Plant Alison Krauss album. A lot of people have been put out considerably by this delay, and if it was unnecessary that would be a rotten thing.

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