Monday, November 12, 2007

Why Zeppelin Will Tour

I have said all along I think a tour is going to happen. You don't rehearse for weeks for a one off show. It just doesn't make sense. Now there's more reason to believe, as an interview with local Zep-a-phile (here in Toronto anyway) Michael White raises some interesting stuff:

He knows that Jones has commissioned a special bass, with a longer neck and two extra frets, to compensate for age-related limitations in Plant's vocal range. And he's pretty sure that the band needs the six weeks it has scheduled for rehearsals to re-arrange its songs to suit the playing style of Jason Bonham.
Do you order a new bass for a one off show? While the latter part is speculation on White's part, it makes some sense.

With Plant you never know, and any kind of tour could go off the rails at any moment, but I agree with Michael White, there's a tour comin'.

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