Tuesday, November 6, 2007

More Tour Rumours

Jimmy Page appears to be opening the door for a tour, if only the rest of the guys would play along:

At the moment, I'm told we're doing one gig. That's a bit unfortunate for all the people that would have liked to have seen us, but I can understand why some of the other members don't want to be touring.
It's no real secret that by "some of the other members" Page really means Robert Plant. However, John Paul Jones in an interview with Ritchie York last week suggested he wasn't too keen on touring.

I would wager a guess that Jason Bonham is in, and Jones could be convinced, if only Robert Plant, who has been the only hold out before, would agree.

Last word to Jimmy Page:

I knew there would be a demand for tickets but I hadn't expected that sort of overwhelming demand. It's wonderful that people hold Zeppelin in that sort of regard... It's amazing, daunting, harrowing, beautiful--and it's a one-night stand. And I've learned that nothing is impossible

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