Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yes But, How's The Finger?

Tour and setlist speculation aside, and those issues are fun, the real issue is how is Jimmy Page's finger. The show has been put off once, further delay would be a nightmare for many ticket holders. So Jimmy, the finger, is it OK? Things are good?

Apparently, yes:

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has explained that his injured finger - which had been the cause of his band's O2 Arena show postponement - is now better and the band will resume rehearsals this week.

The guitarist, speaking to Reuters, assured fans that his finger would be fine for ther concert, scheduled to take place on December 10.

"I suppose something like a Zeppelin reunion wouldn't be right without a bit of drama," he joked.

"This is two to two-and-a-half weeks from the injury and there we are, it's doing that," Page continued, wiggling his finger. "It's going to be fine for the concert. It's just a bit bruised and a bit painful, but it's going to be fine."
OK, if you have a ticket, you can now breathe.

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