Friday, November 16, 2007

Review: Led Zeppelin Mothership DVD

There are two different Mothership packages available, the regular 2 CD edition, and the deluxe 2CD + DVD edition. The deluxe edition comes with a two hour DVD that features concert footage from previous DVD releases. The question the Zeppelin fan will be asking himself as he writes out his Christmas list this year is: standard or deluxe?

The answer is actually simple, if you have the last Zeppelin DVD release, Led Zeppelin, released in 2003 save your money: you already have everything on this DVD. Everything!

This DVD is just a rehash of material, without noticeable improvement in quality. It covers everything from the Albert Hall shows to Knebworth. What it doesn't have is anything new. Further frustration is that some of the material, specifically, Black Dog, Misty Mountain Hop and the Ocean are from the MSG shows that will be released again next week on the updated Song Remains The Same set.

However, if you don't already own the previous DVD and aren't really interested in five-hours + of video, you might find this disc suffices nicely. It does provide a good set of songs, covering most of the major songs from Zeppelin's different eras. For an extra $5.00, many may find this is a better deal than paying full price for the previous collection.

One word of warning. Moby Dick and Dazed and Confused are only partial songs, having been edited down to make them fit on the CD. If you want the 20 minute drum solo, wait until next week.

Track Listing
1. We’re Gonna Groove
(Royal Albert Hall)
2. I Can’t Quit You Babe
(Royal Albert Hall)
3. Dazed & Confused (Royal Albert Hall)
4. White Summer (Royal Albert Hall)
5. What Is & What Should Never Be
(Royal Albert Hall)
6. Moby Dick (Royal Albert Hall)
7. Whole Lotta Love (Royal Albert Hall)
8. Communication Breakdown
(Royal Albert Hall)
9. Bring It On Home (Royal Albert Hall)
10. Immigrant Song (Audio: 1972 /
Pics, Australia 1972 Super 8)
11. Black Dog (Madison Square Garden)
12. Misty Mountain Hop (Madison Square Garden)
13. The Ocean (Madison Square Garden)
14. Going To California (Earls Court)
15. In My Time Of Dying (Earls Court)
16. Stairway To Heaven (Earls Court)
17. Rock And Roll (Knebworth)
18. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
19. Kashmir (Knebworth)
20. Whole Lotta Love (Knebworth)

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michael said...

Hey, thanks for saving me upwards of $30. I've been wondering what is on the DVD that comes in the Mothership package, and I'll accept your information that in the 2003 DVD "Led Zeppelin" I already have all the footage.
Your side-stage "nosebleed" seats at the O2 show weren't the best... that's show biz, I guess.
I saw Zep in Auckland in 1972: still the best show I ever attended.