Wednesday, May 18, 2011

“What Should Never Be" on American Idol

Haley Reinhart tonight sang a shortened version of Led Zeppelin's What is and What Should Never Be on American Idol. Reinhart is a top three contestant in season ten and sang the Zeppelin classic beside her father, who played guitar.

Earlier in the day it was reported that Haley would be singing the song. According to the young singer's mother:
Jimmy Page and Robert Plant has never given any permission to use a Led Zeppelin songs to Idol. When they heard Haley do ‘House of Rising Sun’ they contacted Idol and said if she wants to do one of our songs she can.

That is, of course, not true. Second place finisher in season 8, Adam Lambert, sang Whole Lotta Love on the show.

Furthermore the idea that Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, who have trouble agreeing on where to eat, agreed to phone American Idol and offer their song doesn't sound quite right somehow.

The story at managed to get the name of the song wrong as well, referring to it as “What Should Never Be by Led Zeppelin."

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