Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Does Anybody Remember Laughter

Anybody who has seen Dread Zeppelin (see Fest, Zep 11) can attest that Dread Zeppelin does wonderful musical satire of Led Zeppelin. The song Royal Orleans is reportedly satirizing a night in the life of John Paul Jones, although he does deny this.

pope-paul-jones1Now, however, it's The Spoof satirizing John Paul Jones, with a piece on the beautification of John Paul Jones:
Former Led Zeppelin member John Paul Jones has been beautified after undergoing major cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles.

The 65 year old bassist has spent 3 weeks at the exclusive Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery in an attempt to get rid of the pitted skin that has afflicted him since a bad bout of teenage acne.

Its also understood that Jones has been given a number of botox injections designed to eradicate his laughter lines.

This piece comes the day after Pope Benedict beautified his predecessor, Pope John Paul, in Rome.

Next, Saint Jimmy Page.

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