Monday, May 2, 2011

New BCC Song from Zeppelin Sessions

In 2008, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham got together and began working on some new material. The plan was an original album with Robert Plant singing. When Plant decided he wasn't interested in the project, the trio had recordings of 6 or 7 songs. None of that is new.bcc2-cover

I have wondered since if any of that material has been released in a different form since. Namely, whether any Them Crooked Vultures or Black Country Communion songs are from those sessions, or are based on material from those sessions.

We now have a part answer. In Black Country Communion's upcoming release, BCC2, the song Save Me started as an idea from those sessions. According to Jason Bonham:
There's a song that started off as an idea that I worked on with (Jones and Page), so I was happy to finish it off with this band and have it come out. It's called Save Me. You'll notice it in the riff. You'll hear a slight Zepesque riff ... it's got a definite feel to it.

You can pre-order BCC2 at the band's website.

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