Monday, January 17, 2011

Tight But Loose #28

The first words of the lead editorial in the latest edition of Tight But Loose, Dave Lewis says:
Well I have to say that year one of this new era of Tight But Loose has been a pretty eventful one.

35597_167676946607179_142780809096793_310677_2541257_nWell, I have to say that year one &tc. has brought some excellent magazines to my door. The newest edition, Issue 28, is the third in the newly designed Tight But Loose (TBL) and easily the best of the bunch. It is full of good articles that are informative and easy to read. The great Ross Halfin picture of Jimmy Page on the cover, looking relaxed yet elegant (Tight but Loose?) gives a hint that the inside will be a Zeppelin fans treat. It is.

For the first time since I started receiving TBL last year, I read it cover to cover. There was no superfluous articles that didn’t really interest me, nothing seemed to fill, every article interesting and relevant.

That said, it’s been a good year to be writing about Led Zeppelin as all of their former members have been busy. The last four months no less than the rest of the year, so TBL 28 had a lot to write about. Jimmy Page’s book release, Robert Plant’s Band of Joy tour, Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience and John Paul Jones doing a mini tour with the Dave Rawlings Machine. Much of what happened also happened in Dave Lewis’ backyard, including Robert Plant playing BBC at the Proms, the Robert Plant BBC night, Jimmy Page’s book launch, the classic rock awards.

It was a good year, and the best thing you can say about a fan magazine is, they were there and they chronicled it all. TBL can make that claim for 2010, especially at the latter part of the year.

Twenty-eleven promises to be another big year in the world of Led Zeppelin. I only hope Tight But Loose is able to keep the momentum going, and provide great reading for another year.

Tight But Loose can be ordered from the TBL website. It is, depending on where you live, from $10-$13 (Canadian) for the single issue, $30-$40 for a three issue subscription. Get the subscription, you’ll be glad you did.

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