Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jimmy Page en Cuba

What was Jimmy Page doing in Cuba? Other than buying records and the iconic picture of Che Guevera taken by photographer Alberto Korda, his appearance in the Spanish nation raises questions about Jimmy’s musical intentions.

Page spent at least three days in Cuba. On Saturday, word got out that Page was staying at the old Havana’s Hotel Saratoga and local DJ Juan Camacho and Cuban rock band Tesis de Menta (Mint Thesis?) went down to talk to Page. Page, looking fit and healthy in shorts and black t-shirt, told the admirers that he was interested in the work of Havana night club, Maxim Rock. Maxim Rock, along with the Cuban Rock Agency, work to promote rock bands in Cuba.

Last June Page visited Brazil, including a stop in a local Samba school. At the time it was suggested Page would return in September to record local musicians. Everybody then believed, Page included, that he was going to be recording in 2010. In late 2009 Page said:
I intend to be making music next year and I’ve got lots of new music to present.

By December 2010, his tune had changed as he told Liz Barnes:
I’m desperate to be playing, but it won’t be ‘til next year.

It is now next year, and Page is in Cuba checking out a rock club and promoter.  Is Page planning on doing something with a latin/Spanish feel, much like he did with Moroccan musicians on Page and Plant’s Unledded album?

Time will tell, but we can only hope this Jimmy Page sighting indicates that he’s beginning work on his next project.

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