Thursday, January 27, 2011

Robert Plant and the Wall Street Journal

The concerts are an eclectic mix pulled together by the charm and force of Mr. Plant's personality, the wonder of his voice and his spirited band…

One of the better stories, and interviews I’ve seen with Robert Plant landed today in the Wall Street Journal.101201-robert-plant Heading into New York for two shows this weekend, Plant talked to the Journal about the progress of the Band of Joy.

When recordings of the Band of Joy’s first show in Memphis hit the internet last July, I listened to it and thought, not for me. But by December when I listened to and partially watched, the BBC Electric Proms broadcast, it was clear either the show was much better or I had acclimatized to what Plant was doing. Turns out, the shows were better:
"I think we were masking a whole lot of nerves. It was great, though. It started becoming a bit more mysterious on the second and third nights.

The project, as Plant refers to it, is ever evolving. During sound check the band sits in a circle and toys with arrangements. It’s all part of the “workshop feel” of the American music scene at present, says Plant. Making the obvious reference that many reviewers, including myself, have made, he compares The Band of Joy to Led Zeppelin III
The two projects have some similarities over 40 years: the spirit of the '70s.

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