Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Led Zeppelin Podcast Episode 102

It was quite a week. I started off Monday interviewing photographer Scarlet Page, who just happens to also be Jimmy Page's daughter. The interview went well, if I do say so myself.

On Tuesday it was up and out, as I made my way to Toronto to see Jimmy Page. We left in the morning, and as Toronto traffic has been horrific in the past few weeks due to the Pan-Am games, had no idea whether the journey would take an hour or three. It was closer to the first, and I made it to Bay and Bloor for the Jimmy Page book signing. Arriving too late to get one of the three-hundred wrist bands, I was graciously allowed to linger and take as many pictures as I needed to. It was quite a mob scene but Page seemed at ease as he chatted amiably with fans. You can read all about it, including some pictures here.

Then I was off to the Masonic Temple of Young Street, formerly the Much Music TV studios and before that the Rockpile bar, where Led Zeppelin played three times in 1969. Jimmy Page was giving a listening party, and would play 10 songs from the deluxe editions of next weeks final remastered Led Zeppelin albums, Presence, In Through The Out Door and Coda. I arrived about ten-after six and wound up in the front row. I have seen a picture from the event, and all that you can see is Jimmy Page, host Jeff Woods and the back my big head. You can read about the event here.

As a side note: I would like to thanks Warner Brothers Records for the pass to hear the new songs and see Jimmy speak.

In the latest edition of my podcast, Ramble On Radio: The Led Zeppelin Podcast 102, you can hear the entire Scarlet Page interview, as she talks about her upcoming book Resonators. Resonators is a black and white photography book featuring some of the worlds greatest living guitar players taken by Scarlet Page. Scarlet is funny and engaging and it's possible I was a bit smitten by the end of the interview.

Scarlet has a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to publish the book. A £50 donation gets you a hardcover copy of the book, so please consider donating. As well, there's her personal photography page, her Facebook page and the Resonators Facebook page.

The Podcast also has a full accounting of my evening with Jimmy Page, including a full review of the songs played.

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LedZepUFP/Kaotic Notes said...

Was an amazing time meeting Jimmy Page. Was great to meet you Brian. Really enjoy your podcasts.