Friday, July 10, 2015

Episode 100

Ramble On Radio is celebrating the 100th edition of the podcast. Dave Lewis stopped by to help me celebrate, and we talked about the Led Zeppelin's 1975 Earls Court show. Dave has a new book out, Five Glorious Nights, on the Earls Court shows, available from Rufus Stone at

Dave also talked about his upcoming edition of his iconic magazine Tight But Loose. Edition 39 features a new interview with Jimmy Page, a listen in on the last three re-masters plus more information of Five Glorious Nights. Dave has been busy packing TBL 39 into envelopes, and will very shorty be sent to subscribers. You can buy the individual edition, or a yearly subscription at

I also talked to Dave about his book Feather in the Wind, Over Europe 1980, celebrating the last Led Zeppelin tour. The final Led Zeppelin show happened a few days ago in Berlin. Dave wasn't there, but he was side stage taking pictures two days previous. His book is on special on the 35th anniversary of that tour. It is one of my favourite books, and I can't recommend it enough. You can get Feather in the Wind here. Our discussion of over Europe 1980 will be in Episode 101

You can download Episode 100 here. Or subscribe on iTunes or Spreaker.

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