Friday, March 28, 2014

No Led Zeppelin Record Store Day Announcement Yet...

... but this has to qualify as close.

Two Yardbirds albums will be available on Record Store Day, April 19th, 2014.

The Yardbirds final album, Little Games, with "magic finger" Jimmy Page on guitar, will be reissued in splatter colour vinyl for Record Store Day. The album will be available on LP, and is a "British import... cut from the 1992 stereo remix."

The second album, Sounds I Heard, is a collection of tracks, including the Beck/Page written, Happenings Ten Years Time Ago, recorded on De Lane Lea Studios, London August 1966. As well, the vinyl LP has Mister You’re a Better Man Than I from Stockholm on April 7th, 1967, and Dazed and Confused form a 1968 BBC recording. The album will also include a 1-sided 7" single of BBC session "White Summer."


Already with an update:  Wax Poetic reports "BLACK CROWES AND JIMMY PAGE Live a the Greek (3LP Red, Clear and Blue vinyl set, limited to 2000 copies)"


Update: March 21: The compete list for Record Store Day is now available. Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes LP will be a run of 2,000 copies, while The Yardbirds Little Games LP will be 2,500. The Yardbirds  Sounds I Heard compilation is not on the list, and disappointingly, neither is any Led Zeppelin releases.

The Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes will be a 3-LP set in red, clear, blue vinyl with gold sticker Little Games will be a British import, reissued on psychedelic spattered vinyl, cut from the 1992 stereo remix.


Update March 28th: While the Yardbirds Sounds I Heard is not listed, my local record store has posted that they have ordered it. Also, see this post about The Drive-By Truckers Dragon Pants EP, including the title song which is about Jimmy Page.

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