Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Finally We Get a Bonham/Hughes Tour

It looks like California Breed will spend some considerable time on the road in 2014.

I've given California Breed's first album a spin and, at first blush, it's a good one. It appears that California freed is going to get a better chance to succeed than it's predecessor, Black Country Communion.

BCC's guitarist Joe Bonamassa was reluctant to tour with them, preferring instead to concentrate on his solo career. this, in support of three studio albums they did a few festival shows, a very small tour of the mid-west and a three week or so jaunt around Europe, recorded and released as the DVD/CD set Live Over Europe.

California Breed, conversely, appears set to do more performances in 2014 than Black Country Communion did in three years. According to Jason Bonham via twitter, California Breed will spend September through December?

I have 4 different tours this year so far JBLZE May 3 to May 18 Heart from June 14 to June 29th Sammy Hagar & friends from July 17th until Aug 16th Then California Breed Sept , Oct , Nov , Dec !!!!
via Jason Bonham, Twitter and Facebook.


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