Sunday, March 16, 2014

In the summer of 2010 I started playing with the notion of a Led Zeppelin podcast. This blog was had progressed as far as it could without a push, and other people seemed to have twitter and Facebook covered. To move forward, something was needed, and I was surprised to discover no one else was doing a podcast on the subject of Led Zeppelin. Questions such as do I want to have a partner (in fact, my first idea was to do one with Led Zeppelin News' Steve "the Lemon" Sauer, with whom I had met up with in July. I had just finished doing a stint covering for Led Zeppelin News, and the two of us had a pretty good rapport. However, I couldn't see me finding a way to fit a regular weekly hookup into my weird, shift worker schedule), do I want to pay for a licence fee to use music, how on earth do you record and upload a podcast and could I actually sit and talk into a microphone for an hour.

On the night of August 17th, a Sunday, the house was quiet and I had a fair bit of wine in me. Time to try, I thought, and sat down at my computer. It was meant to see if I could actually do it, not to really record a podcast, but I pressed record so I could listen back, and started talking off the top of my head. Over 40 minutes later I finished, and what I had was not great - way too many uhmms, errs and "that's all I have to say about that"'s, but it wasn't wholly awful, so I took the plunge. It would be another three or four days before I figured out how to upload the podcast and get it to iTunes, and find a place to upload it to.

So it is, this week I celebrate the 50th episode, with news that the 1st three remastered albums are finally ready for release. I cover what we know, and what we will learn in the next few days.

As well, I review John Paul Jones Avante-Garde band, Minibus Pimps', 1st album, Cloud to Ground.

Thank you to everybody who's taken the time to listen over the past 50 episodes. It makes my day every time I hear from someone who listens.

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