Thursday, August 8, 2013

Robert Plant Goes Multimedia

Robert Plant has re-launced his website,, with a new look and some multimedia surprises for fans. The site comes with a new logo, seen in the middle of his opening page, below.

Plant has also taken to twitter, with the handle @RobertPlant, where he is currently answering fans questions.

Also, according to LedZeppelinNews, Plant has an early mix of Moonlight in Samosa hidden in his website (possibly the download he is planning to make available to fans later today?).  Plant will offer a self-made documentary on his website on his trip to Mali, to be released in ten weekly instalments later this year and you can expect "stuff from his personal collection" on the website.

Plant has updated his Facebook page to reflect his new look, and as well as going on Twitter (where he will be signing off personal tweets with RP), Plant has opened an Instagram account, where he will have "personal photos of his life on the road, at home and in the recording studio." There is currently one picture uploaded to his Instagram account.

Check out Plant's YouTube and Google+ pages as well. 

The changes to Plant's online branding come through LoveLive, who wanted to ensure "a complete re-design of his website with global fans and multi-media at the heart of the strategy."

1001 h/t's to @LedZepNews, who's been all over this.

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