Wednesday, August 28, 2013

John Paul Jones Hosts 2013 Polar Music's "Meet the Laureates"

John Paul Jones sat with Youssou N'Dour and Kaija Saariaho,  2013 Polar Music Prize Laureates, on Monday in Sweden.


Although Jones was a former Laureate who was asking questions rather than answering them, he made a number of statements in the 40 minute presentation. Here are some of them:

When I was young I always wanted to play every instrument. Then when I realized I couldn't, I think that's when I started thinking about composition more. I'd write for people who could.

I was a church organist. My father was a fantastic pianist and I couldn't compete, so I took up the organ.

 I always hear what's wrong with a piece of my music, before I hear what's right.
Some critics you come to respect. Sometimes they get it right and sometimes they pick on something you kind of knew you weren't perhaps happy with, and you go, right, note to self.

There's music everywhere, in shops and public places... I find myself arranging things all the time.

I'm writing an opera an I've just come to the end of the first act, and I'm like Ahhh! It's the holy grail, the rest is going to be easy, I'm sure.

(On how does he relax) I play instruments I'm not usually associated with like fiddle and banjo. I see my grandchildren.

(On the best way to get inspiration) The inspiration's not the difficult thing, it's what to do with it afterwards. And the best way to realize that is to switch off the internet. To get away from it and then find the time to realize it.

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