Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dear Robert...

Robert Plant has opened a twitter account at @RobertPlant, and will launch it today by answering ten questions submitted by twitter users using the hashtag #AskRP. Plant will chose ten questions to answer and "send a free download," presumably to the people who asked the ten questions.

Some sample questions at the time of writing are:

Who was you role model growing up?

Will there ever be another Honeydrippers album?

What was/is your favourite Led Zeppelin song to perform live, and why?

 @LedZeppelinNews, who is a must follow if you are a Led Zeppelin fan and are on twitter, has confirmed that @RobertPlant is an official Robert Plant twitter account. As well, he confirmed today that @johnpauljones is an official, but unused, account of Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones. Jones has not tweeted to date, and lists @BarackObama as the only twitter account he follows.

Jimmy Page has been using his @jimmypagecom account for some time now.

You can follow Ramble on Radio at @RambleOnBlog

Update: Robert has extended this by 24 hours, meaning he will answer the questions on Thursday August 8.  It's being reported that he will offer all his followers a free live download.

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