Monday, July 18, 2011

Two Led Zeppelin Blogger’s are Walking Through Times Square...

Lemon Squeezing’s Steve, The Lemon, Sauer and I were walking through Times Square on Friday. We were heading towards downtown, going to Irving Plaza to see Get the Led Out, when we ran into Elmo. Little more will be said, except to note that one of us took an ass kicking, and Elmo is one smug red furry monster...

We took in a few Zep related sites, most notably 96-98 St. Mark’s Place, where we did pictures and had an organic, all natural iced tea at Physical GraffiTea.



When we got to Irving Plaza, Nech Tytla, the guru of FBO, was standing out front. His expected attendance was iffy due to some personal stuff, but he managed to get away for a few hours and we were glad to see him.


Backstage, I met Paul Hammond, who let me noodle on his Jimmy Page Signature Model Les Paul, a sweet guitar. When Jimmy Marchiano came in Paul introduced me. I had met Jimmy outside earlier in the afternoon, and we discussed Gold Top Les Paul’s as he and I both own one. “Yea, I know him,” Jimmy says. “He owns a ’79 Gold Top.” With a quick handshake and a smile, I knew I just met someone I liked.

We enjoyed the show from right up front (review to follow) and partied with what Steve described as a MILF. Myself, I later told my wife I met a Rachel: from Long Island, her light brown hair framed a pretty, roundish face. Definitely a Rachel, although until Friday it never occurred to me the Friends character was meant to be a type. Somedays I have so much to learn.

After, the first question Jimmy asked me was, "how did the Gold Top sound?"

“Pretty good,” I answered, but I really meant, 'F*#%ing amazing.'

The band played a solid set list, the only song missing that I was expecting was The Song Remains The Same, but I’ll take the addition of Night Flight to the set list as a trade off any time.

Highlights where watching Paul Hammond and his B-Bender on All My Love, due to which I missed most of the song, The Wanton Song, which is always a great live rocker, and the acoustic set. Kudo’s to singer Paul Sinclair’s girlfriend, Diana DeSantis, who nailed the Sandy Denny part in Battle of Evermore.

Any night in New York is a good night, but a hot New York night after getting an ass kicking from a guy in a puppet suit, Getting the Led Out and discussing the merits of over beers with a couple of guys who have met Jimmy Page, and have friends who are intimates. It simply doesn’t get better.

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