Thursday, July 7, 2011

Led Zeppelin's Last Flight - July 7, 1980

Thirty one years ago Jimmy Page stepped on stage at the Eissporthalle in Berlin dressed in a grey suit and black shirt with a black scarf draped around him. He stepped on his wah-wah peddle and played the train whistle intro to Train Kept a Rollin'.

Led Zeppelin played a 14 song, 144 minute set for the 6,000 German fans, the last show on their Over Europe 1980 tour. It turned out to be Led Zeppelin's last show.

The concert featured a 14 minute version of Stairway to Heaven, with Page playing one of the longest solos he ever played on that song. The band also did extended jams on Trampled Underfoot and Whole Lotta Love.

Set list - Led Zeppelin, July 7, 1980. Berlin, Germany

  1. Train Kept a Rollin'

  2. Nobody's Fault But Mine

  3. Out on the Tiles Intro/Black Dog

  4. In The Evening

  5. The Rain Song

  6. Hot Dog

  7. All My Love

  8. Trampled Underfoot

  9. Since I've Been Loving You

  10. White Summer-Black Mountain Side/Kashmir

  11. Stairway to Heaven

  12. Rock and Roll

  13. Whole Lotta Love


Dave Lewis of Tight But Loose has just released a new book on the Led Zeppelin Over Europe, 1980 tour, called Feather in the Wind - Over Europe 1980. It is chock full of information and pictures. The book is a must read for Zeppelin fans, as it fills in the story of that last, vastly underreported tour.

Feather in the Wind - Over Europe 1980 can be ordered from the Tight But Loose website, and can't be recommended enough.

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