Saturday, August 2, 2008

Reunion Goes Cold

Those like myself who watch for evidence of a Led Zeppelin reunion can't help but noticed how the trail seems to be getting very cold these days.

This week an old rumour was shot down when Gerry Toms, Grounds Boss at the Wales' Millennium Stadium, said:

It's dead in the water (not happening). Because the concert was a success there was hope of a tour, but that was a lot of speculation. It would be great if they would, but as far as we know that is dead in the water.

That's not ambiguous or open to interpretation. It also comes on the heels of rumours that Robert Plant is miffed with Jimmy Page after Page gave a lengthy speech, after accepting Led Zeppelin's Best Live Act, at the Mojo Awards last month and failed to mention the absent Plant.

This all comes at the same time as Robert Plant and Alison Krauss extend their tour into the fall. September and October dates in Texas, Missouri and the West Coast make Jimmy Page's "nothing until September," a distant memory.

If you are hoping for a Led Zeppelin tour, July was not your month and it seems farther away than ever.

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