Monday, January 28, 2008

Jimmy Page: See You In September?

Well, not quite what he said. What Jimmy Page seems to have said at his press conference this morning in Tokyo, ostensibly to announce the Japanese release of Mothership, was that Zeppelin may tour, Zeppelin could tour, but not until September at the earliest.

Those ineternets are full of headlines today such as: Jimmy Page: Zeppelin world tour is on. But fans will have to wait!; Led Zepp plan world tour, says Page; Led Zeppelin Guitarist Wants World Tour; Led Zeppelin concert off until at least September. The last is the most accurate, but here's what is being reported that Jimmy Page actually said on the subject:

"I can assure you the amount of work that we put into the O2 (concert), for ourselves rehearsing and the staging of it, was probably what you put into a world tour."

"Robert Plant also had a parallel project running and he's really busy with that project, certainly until September, so I can't give you any news."

"It was exhilarating, fantastic, every week was a week to look forward to. We did the show and it was great. That is what was so thrilling really -- to come together after all this time and find that there was so much chemistry and so much electricity involved in these four characters."

"We wanted people who might not have even been alive in 1980 when we finished to understand what we were."

"But we did the show, and it was great. It was instant in terms of chemistry."

To add further to the speculation Chris Goodman from The Outside Organisation, Led Zeppelin's PR firm, said: “Jimmy has said that the band will be meeting up in August to talk about it.

“The band meet all the time.

“There is something in it but I can’t give you any more news at the moment.”

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