Thursday, December 20, 2007

2008 - 09 Tour Will Happen

Reports are starting to emerge, and gel together, that after Robert Plant is done with his Alison Krauss commitments, Zeppelin will tour.

This is one of many news sources I have seen in the last 48 hours saying basically the same thing:

Rumours of a worldwide LED ZEPPELIN tour following their triumphant one-off reunion gig earlier this month (Dec07) are true, according to a source close to the band ... a source close to the rockers has confirmed they are in negotiations to put on an 18-month world tour extravaganza later next year (08). The pal tells British newspaper the Daily Express, "It will kick off at next year's Glastonbury after Robert Plant has finished touring with American country star Alison Krauss..."

The truth is you can't hide a tour the size of Zeppelin for long, and team Zeppelin looks like it's ramping up for this summer (the Glastonbury festival is June 27 - 29). Eighteen months is a full on, going everywhere tour, not a bunch of well chosen shows.

With confirmation earlier in the week that Zeppelin was negotiating to perform at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium, the rumours are starting to have the smell of validity to them.

Lets hope, at least.

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solerso said...

OK, thats positive, been a week now. Im just wondering who"the source" of the story is. Its been reprinted on some news sites that have a modicum of credibility, which leads me to believe "the source" is someone they would trust (paul mcartney????) I dont know. Something tells me they wouldnt have gone all out with the PR for a "one off" benefit show. ...but that nasty other voice tells me "they" (zep) arent making these kinds of decisions and the longer the hype lasts, the more cd's and merchandise are sold. would love to see another post, hoping this isnt some more self delusional BS