Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Zero Chance of Led Zeppelin Performing Together Again

It's all I've ever asked of Robert Plant. Stop being clever and cute, and answer the damn question in a straightforward manner. It's been clear for a long time Robert Plant doesn't want to perform with his old bandmates again. Fair enough, but when asked, he gives cute answers like "I'm free in 2014." Just this weekend, someone was asking me what was happening with a Zeppelin reunion, and mentioned that line about Plant being free. Except, he never was, not really.

So when Robert was on BBC this morning and was asked, point blank, "What are the chances (that you'll perform live again)," his answer of "zero" was a welcome moment of candor.

Jimmy Page also had an interview released on BBC this morning, and when asked the same question, Page was more philosophical:

"Oh, I know it's a wish fantasma." '

"Not true, no hope?" he was then asked.

"Well, should we be not living in hopes and dreams. Should we just look at the facts. The O2 was seven years ago... and there hasn't been any movement so it's unlikely. I certainly don't want to be exhumed to do it."

Not wanting to let it go, the interviewer continues. Would you do a one-off gig like Glastonbury? Page sounds a little exasperated at this point. "I'm not the one to be asking... I don't sing. I'm a guitarist... I'm sure people would love to hear it, but it's quite clear what the situation is. There's no point in asking me hypothetical questions. It is what it is. And it is seven years since the O2, and I'm more surprised than anybody else that there hasn't been a Led Zepeplin (tour)."

A couple of weeks ago, when I discussed the Michael Eavis comments re: Glastonbury on the podcast, (which, cough cough, you can download here, or listen to here, or here) I hit all these points: it's clear Robert has no interest, possibly even less interest now than ever. Jimmy's getting older, he's 70 now and John Paul Jones is 68.

As well as the interviews, and possibly more important, the band released two musical clips: 1-minute of the Whole Lotta Love alternate master (the answer is, it's very different) and the blues classic Keys to the Highway, an acoustic blues which was recorded immediately after Hats Off to Roy Harper in 1970.

The Jimmy Page interview can be steamed here, Robert Plant here, Whole Lotta Love heard here and Keys to the Highway here.

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