Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tight But Loose #37

Dave Lewis is reporting that the latest edition of his magazine, Tight But Loose number 37, is almost ready to roll out and he is making it available for a almost half of the usual cover price. This edition can be had fo £3.00 plus postage (here in the America's, that still comes to $12.50).

The issue includes:

Led Zeppelin Summer 2014 – The First Three Reissues: Your guide to the first three Led Zeppelin reissues with key insight and background info to what is in store…

Led Zeppelin Early 1969: Mike Tremaglio tracks gig by gig, the tumultuous first Led Zeppelin tour of the US with extensive and accurate detail guaranteed to take you back to the psychedelic ballrooms and venues where the legend first came alive…

Led Zeppelin Early 1975: Andy Crofts continues his tape analysis of the early months of 1975 –stopping off in February where Led Zeppelin were in the throes of a significant physical recovery… 

Jimmy Page at 70: On the occasion of his 70th birthday – the TBL Poll Results –the all-time favorite Jimmy Page performances as voted by you – plus James Patrick Page Session Man box set reviewed. 

Joe Jammer: The TBL Interview: A roadies tale and more – exclusive interview with the Zep ’69 guitar tech and roadie and performer in his own right…

 Robert Plant: A new slant: Latest Sensational Space Shifters news and more

 John Paul Jones: Cloud to ground: Minibus Pimps album and latest JPJ news activity

 Glenn Hughes on California Breeding: "Jason Bonham can now really put his hat next to his father’s – this is the greatest drumming he’s ever done on record by far."

Deborah Bonham

Nick Anderson Collector Column News of Led Zep 1 and Houses of The Holy acetates, The Object

Roger Berlin’s museum of Led Zeppelin magazine museum

The pricing is as follows, and can be ordered through the Tight But Loose website:

 UK: £3.00 plus £1.50 postage –total to pay £.4.50
Europe: £3.00 plus £3.50 total to pay £6.50
USA/Canada £3.00 plus £4.50 total to pay £7.50 ($12.50 approx.)
Australia/Japan/rest of world £3.00 plus£5.00 total to pay £8.00

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