Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tight But Loose #35

Dave Lewis has released the thirty-fifth edition of his fabulous Led Zeppelin magazine, Tight But Loose. If you have bought your 2013 subscription, you should have the magazine in your hands by now. It is once again loaded with features, including an investigation into the location of a 1968 photo-shoot, an interview with Houses of the Holy cover designer Aubrey Powell and a feature on the June 1973 Kezar Stadium how in San Francisco.

The cover features a picture of Jimmy Page in white suit at the above mentioned Kezar Stadium show by photographer Dan Cuny. As well, each subscriber gets an 8x10 photo of Jimmy and Robert Plant from the same show by the same photographer, suitable for framing. There is also a special collectors edition of Tight But Loose #35 with a picture of Robert on the cover, again from Kezar Stadium and taken by Cuny.

It is, all round, a fabulous magazine, worth having for every Led Zeppelin fan.

You can subscribe to Tight But Loose and get all three 2013 edition's at TBLweb.com. As well, you can purchase single editions and the special edition Robert cover. And tell Dave that Brian sent you.

Don't miss Ramble On Radio Episode #31 where I give a review of TBL #35.  

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