Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Then as it Was

Dave Lewis announced in the 35th edition of his magazine, Tight But Loose that he's hard at work on a rewrite of his fabulous book Led Zeppelin Then as it Was at Knebworth 1979. According to Lewis, the book will have a total redisign with a new cover, a slew of new pictures and 35,000 more words. That would be, by my rough estimate, about 1/3 more book. 

Then as it Was was my introduction to Dave Lewis' writing and it proved to be a good one. The show I almost was at, and one of my favorite's to listen to - as much as anything because it encompasses their entire career - Lewis captured the era, the mood around the band in the late 70's and the two shows remarkably. It is a fabulous book, my favourite in the Led Zeppelin canon, and it is exciting to think of the additions being made to it.

Then as it Was will be available in the fall, with each book individually numbered and signed by Lewis. You can pre-order Then as it Was now, with the lowest number books going to the early buyers.  

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