Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Podcast #4

front-picture-smallDave Lewis was scheduled to be on Podcast #4, but the technical details didn't get worked out in time. None the less, I paid tribute to John Bonham, covered a lot of Robert Plant news and discussed the newest issue of Tight But Loose, the updating of Then As It Was, 2 upcoming reissues of Zeppelin led books in e-format and my new name.

You can get in on the fun, Ramble On Podcast #4 is available here, or as always, you can subscribe on iTunes and never miss a podcast.


Wyatt Brake said...

Little harsh on Plant this week, eh Brian?

A small note of correction - by my count, Zep songs accounted for 7 of 16 songs in the Band of Joy set at the free admission Hardly Strictly Bluegrass concert festival.
Marco Giovino was replaced by Bryan Owings (who has played with Miller and Griffin in the past).

As far as needing to call Jimmy Page, I'm reminded of David Gilmour's recent comments about a Pink Floyd reunion with the remaining members. He said, "I understand how other people want that sort of thing (reunion) to happen, but I'm entirely selfish in thinking that I want to enjoy my declining years exactly the way that I want to... And that wouldn't be part of it."
My own feelings are that Plant certainly should call Page if he wanted to perform the Zeppelin songs in their original arrangements, but if he wants to play them in new ways - whether they're "North Africanized" in Strange Sensation or the "hillbilly jams" of Band of Joy, I think calling Page would be a mistake.

Robert also joined Patty Griffin during her set (with Buddy Miller) on Saturday for "Lonely Avenue" (a 1956 hit for Ray Charles). He appeared with Buddy Miller during Miller's set on Sunday for a song popularized by Johnny Cash - "Sea of Heartbreak".

Anyway, enough of my ranting. The Bonham-inspired intro and outro to the show were done very nicely. Logan Plant leaving Sons of Albion was very much 'news to me' - so thanks for that. Keep up the great work with the podcast and the blog!

Burton Kidd said...

Quite quite interesting. Continue to keep these posts flowing.

Beau Cremeans said...

thx, ill check back later, have bookmarked you for now. I have my own poker blog nothing special.

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