Monday, October 3, 2011

Logan Plant Leaves Sons of Albion

The Sons of Albion are reported that Robert Plant's son, Logan, has left the band. via Facebook:
Hello everyone, unfortunately Logan left the band due to personal reasons.

Sons Of Albion will keep on with Gones - Lead vocals/Bass, Nuno - Guitar and Francisco - Drums.

Was hard times till now... But we've overcome!!! We've been writing new tunes and we just recorded them!!! So very soon you'll be listening to them... And we really want your opinion!

We hope you understand and you keep following us... After all you guys are what makes this band great.

Thank you so much for your continued support x

See you very soon...

Francisco, Nuno and Gones
Sons Of Albion

Last Monday the Sons of Albion played Water Rats at Kings Cross London, their first advertised gig since the spring.  It is unreported whether Logan was with the band that night, but it is likely he was.

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