Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Derek Sherinian on BCC

sherinian-hughesKeyboardist Derek Sherinian has been largely the quiet one when it comes to Black Country Communion, and interviews with him seem to be rarer than with the bands other three members, Glenn Hughes, Joe Bonamassa and Jason Bonham. With a new solo album coming out, however, he sat down with Bravewords, and managed to spill the beans on what's next for BCC:
Bravewords.com: Black Country Communion - what’s it like working with the voice of rock, Glenn Hughes.

Sherinian: “Glenn is great with his British wit. He’s the elder statesman of rock and it’s a real pleasure to tour with him. The last nine weeks (touring) have been a very smooth ride. I’d love to do more touring with these guys.”

Bravewords.com: True, but why only Europe? Why no BCC in North America?

Sherinian: “We need to do a proper North American tour. We just need to go out there and grind it out.”

Bravewords.com: It’s strange. The first album was great. The second album was better, but the band remains largely hidden from North America.

Sherinian: “It all comes down to demand. We’re selling a lot more records in Europe and the demand for us to play live is greater there. You have to go where the warm current is.”

Bravewords.com: What’s next for BCC?

Sherinian: “Well, we are putting out a live DVD from this last European tour for Christmas and the plan is to make a third record next spring and then next June (2012) we’re going back on tour, but I’m not sure where. That’s the rough sketch.”

The DVD we knew about, but BCC3, plus another summer tour. As I said in the podcast, it's the to come to parts north.

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