Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ZepFest Updates

There's a little bad news coming out of camp ZepFest, as previously reported speaker Richard Cole will not be in attendance at National Harbour in Washington DC next month. According to the organizer,  "couldn't work out travel to accommodate all."

tbl29-coverDave Lewis, of Tight But Loose, will be there, however, and he will have his new book, Feather in the Wind - Over Europe 1980. You can pre-order by emailing Dave, davelewis.tbl1@ntlworld.com, and request a copy or copies be reserved to be picked up at his ZepFest display.

Dave, meanwhile, has been busy both putting together the book and the latest edition of Tight But Loose, #29. Featuring a preview of Feather in the Wind, a look back at Stairway to Heaven 40 years later, a review of Anna Nicole: The Opera and a listen through of the new Black Country Communion album with Glenn Hughes. If you don't already subscribe, you can do so here.

Finally, a technical note. Last week I posted a video of myself playing my Led Zeppelin I 8-track, which I received from ZepFest during their 12 daze of Zepmas giveaway (to tie this whole post together, the question I won on was, how many editions of Tight But Loose are released every year?) I have no idea why the video simply won't work on YouTube, but it won't. I have tried editing, re-uploading &tc. But there is something wonky with the codex, and I am not a video guy. It does not matter very much, it was a silly little video. If you have tried to watch the video, my apologies, but you didn't miss very much.

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