Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trucking with Robert Plant

American Trucker is a television show that features truck expert Robb Mariani showing, “…the iconic trucks, the famous routes they followed and the cargo missions that made history.”american-trucker-150x150

This weeks episode, Rockin' Down the Highway, is described as, "Robb tours with one of the biggest country acts in America."

An attentive fan that has seen a preview for this week's episode, says the country act in question is Robert Plant and the Band of Joy.

It was rumoured in February that the crew of American Trucker was with The Band of Joy, as a poster to noted:
There was... a... film crew from American Truckers [sic] following one of the tour drivers for a segment on the life of a tour trucker.

The show is scheduled for 10PM on Speed Channel, but check your local provider and directory for access to Speed and broadcast time.

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