Friday, May 23, 2008

No Zeppelin for Toronto

The Toronto Sun has done a bit of digging and it is turning up zero on the Zeppelin to Toronto stories. This never was a very credible story, but the Sun puts it more or less to rest.:

Yesterday, though, two sources in the position to know both said they were unaware of any discussions involving Led Zeppelin playing in Toronto at any venue, with one source completely dismissing the speculation.

Music industry magazine Billboard inquired into the report "at the highest level" and, according to the magazine's news editor Jonathan Cohen, was "fairly confident there's nothing to it."

A spokesperson for the Rogers Centre yesterday said there is nothing to the reports regarding Led Zeppelin, but did not close the door.

Add in a little quick math. The Rogers Centre has other other events booked in August, including Major League Baseball's Toronto Blue Jays, Canadian Football League's Toronto Argo's and a National Football League Pre-Season game. Only one time in August is there a five day break in the schedule (let's assume for Robert Plant's voice sake there will not be four shows in four nights), during the last week of the month beginning on August 25th. For the record, Foreigner has a show on the 30th, so the shows would literally have to be the 25th, 26th, 28th and 29th. Certainly doable, but it's a tight schedule for such a big event.

Reading into the Sun story and looking at the Rogers Centre schedule, this one, sadly, begins to look like a non-starter.

One final thought, why would hip-hop TV be breaking this story? And notice on that story, they reference the discredited Ian Astbury "we're opening for a band you may have heard of. The name starts with an 'L' and has a 'Z' in it" story. Astbury himself has denied this one, but hip-hop TV is reliably sourcing it as proof "that Led Zeppelin had plans to go on tour sometime in 2008."

This story makes less sense the more you think about it.

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