Sunday, May 18, 2008

Led Zeppelin to play Toronto in August?

Now that David Coverdale has denied ever claiming Zeppelin will tour this fall and Whitesnake will be there, comes a report of four shows scheduled for Toronto in August.

I have read another report that suggested four shows between Aug 20 and 27th, two at the Skydome/Rogers Centre and two the the Air Canada Centre.

This rumour, I confess, doesn't pass the sniff test. As no reason for the shows are given (i.e., a charity event), and Zeppelin has minimal history in Toronto, it sounds like a pipe dream. However, as this blog is written about 50 miles from the Skydome/Rogers Centre, I like this one. No borders to cross, no trouble getting to the show, no currency conversions to consider. Just like any other concert, except better! So while Ramble On considers this rumour probably false, it is my favourite so far.

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