Friday, November 9, 2018

Bring It on Home

It always seems as though there’s nothing more to say, nothing more to learn, about Led Zeppelin. And then along comes a book like Mark Blake’s Bring It On Home: Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin, and Beyond--The Story of Rock's Greatest Manager, and you learn something new.

In Bring It On Home, Blake draws from new and historical interviews, his own notes and, perhaps most importantly, Grant’s personal papers which Blake was offered a chance to view from Grant’s children, Warren and Helen Grant. It is through those papers and his research we learn a new name in the Led Zeppelin tale, Herb Akin, and that Akin and long-time Zeppelin lawyer Steve Weiss had attempted a late 70’s coup of the band’s management.

But it’s not just a book about Grant’s time with Led Zeppelin and the section on Grant touring with the out of control Gene Vincent gives you perspective on what kind of experience you need to manage a personality like John Bonham, a band like Led Zeppelin.

But mostly, Bring It On Home is an entertaining and very readable book, not always so in a complex biographical subject like Grant. The Peter Grant story is an interesting one almost from the beginning, and with Bring it on Home the story is getting the telling it deserves.

If your looking for what made the man behind Led Zeppelin tick, Bring It On Home may well be the definitive source.

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