Thursday, January 25, 2018

Yardbirds '68 re-release goes back 12-years

The Yardbirds Live at the Anderson Theatre album, “Yardbirds ‘68, recently released on Jimmy Page records was 12-years in the making, says Yardbirds drummer Jim McCarty in an interview with Ramble On Radio.

It goes back probably 12-years. Funnily enough I think I was in Toronto at the time. I was staying with a friend, a guy called Ron Korb who’s a flute player. And his manager rang me up there, and wanted to know about the tapes and said Jimmy was looking for the Anderson Theatre tapes. And also Jimmy rang up in France and was looking for them. So I had various dialogues with his manager at the time, it was a guy called Peter Mensch. Peter said, I’m gonna manage Jimmy but one of my things with the management is that he has to release that album because that was one of my favourite albums ever, you know the Anderson Theatre. He has to re-release it, otherwise I won’t manage him (laughs)
So I tried to help the best I could suggesting where the tapes may be and we couldn’t get anywhere and it all went quiet, which it does you know in this business, it gets very hot and cold.
And then much more recently I heard that Jimmy had found the tapes and he’d had them all the time and found them and done a job on them. Done the remix. And Chris and I were invited in the studio to have a listen and we went over to London and thought it sounded great.
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