Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Myles Kennedy: "’...Im standing in a room and putting my melodies and lyrics to it..."

Friend of Ramble on Radio,  Steve - the Lemon - Sauer, got a chance to interview Myles Kennedy six years ago, Dec 16, 2009. Today, Sauer released the interview, and a transcript of his conversation with Kennedy about laying with Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham in 2008.

Here's one question and answer. It's absolutely worth reading the whole thing.

SS: I was just reading that they were definitely working on some new music. Were you involved with any of the songwriting there?

MK: That was -- that was, um -- yeah. There were two -- a couple songs that I remember. For me, that was the biggest thrill because these were songs and pieces of music that no one had heard, and I’m standing in a room and putting my melodies and lyrics to it, and it was -- for me as an artist, I don’t think anything will ever quite compare to the feeling that I got from those moments. It felt like you were kind of a part of history for a few minutes there, you know? You’re, you’re -- it was just amazing. It’s hard to even put into words, Steve. It really is.

The audio is half an hour, and primarily covers the Alter Bridge live DVD, but Sauer, whose blog, Lemon Squeezing: Led Zeppelin News, was at the time one of the biggest Led Zeppelin blogs on the internet couldn't resist asking about the Led Zeppelin connection.

Listen to Steve's entire Myles Kennedy interview here The part about Kennedy's rehearsal time starts at 17:45.

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