Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Physical Graffiti

It's Physical Graffiti month here at Ramble On Radio as both the 40th anniversary of the albums release, and the new remastered albums hit the store on the same day

This months podcast episodes will be devoted entirely to the album, starting this week with a look at the music on Disc 1. You can always check out the podcast here, or subscribe to it on iTunes here (be sure to leave a review &tc.) and never miss an episode.

Meanwhile, Led Zeppelin has given us a look at the Super Deluxe Edition, in the unpacking video released this week.

And the band has already released one song from the Deluxe Edition, Houses Of the Holy (Rough Mix with Overdubs) and you can expect Brandi and Coke (Trampled Underfoot) [Initial/Rough Mix] soon, probably next week.

Currently at $118 on pre-order, Amazon may have the lowest price going (although price likely subject to change).

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