Friday, October 24, 2014

A Few of us are Endeavouring to Raise a Fund...

To paraphrase Charles Dickens, "a few of us are endeavouring to raise a fund" to help Dave Lewis get a new bicycle.

Dave, friend of Ramble on Radio and the man who runs Tight But Loose, both the magazine and the website, has had his bicycle stolen. Here's Dave's explanation of what happened, from Facebook: many know my mode of transport is the trusty bike which I am out on about on every day –keeping fit, in town at TBL designer Micks, post office for TBL distribution, visiting Janet's mum etc.. yesterday locked it up in town to do some shopping and alas when I got back it had been stolen…no sign of it – they must have broken the lock. Not good –gutted in fact and my faith in human nature has been severely knocked… and I’m quid’s down as a new bike will be required and no doubt I’ll be more paranoid when leaving it locked up.

So as I say, a few of us are endeavouring &tc.

And, there's something in it for you too. Go buy Deborah Bonham's, John's little sister, new album for £10 (postage extra, depending on where you are), and £5 will be donated to Dave. Just mention "Dave Lewis Bike Fund" in your paypal posting (or, if you can't comment on your paypal, as I couldn't, contact Peter Bullick and let him know it's for the bike fund).

If you don't want a CD, or want to top up that £5 (as I did), Dave has a paypal account of his own. Just log into paypal, click on the send money tab, and send the money to Make sure you click on the "I'm sending money to family or friends" button (a small fee will be added (.05 on £10) and be sure to mention in the comments that it's for his bike fund.

And thanks to everyone who helps Dave out. He's a good man who provides us Led Zeppelin content for a living. He's the best out there, but he's not getting rich selling a triennial Led Zeppelin magazine.

A bit about Deborah Bonham's new album, Spirit. Robert Plant plays harmonica on the title track track, and it also features a Paul Rodgers duet and a Jason Bonham drum performance. I'll review upon receiving it, but it looks like a should get for any serious Zeppelin fan.

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