Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rumoured: Led Zeppelin Record Store Day Release

On the podcast, Ramble On Radio,  I have been pitching for a Led Zeppelin Record Store Day release for some time now. It makes sense: it's a great way to promo the reissues; it would justify an oddball release to compliment the reissues; The Jimmy Page era Yardbirds released three 45's over two Record Store Days a few years ago.

In 2010, to coordinate with the release of a remastered Exile on Main Street, the Rolling Stones released the song Plunder my Soul, an outtake that was being released for the first time, as a 45 RPM single on Record Store Day. A similar type of release from Led Zeppelin would be a gift for their fans, promote whichever album it comes from, and be a boon for record stores everywhere, which is the point behind Record Store Day.

According to Wax Poetic, this may be what is happening:

This is just a rumour, of course, but let the speculation begin. Already this morning someone has guessed a mono 45 of Good Times Bad Times b/w Communication Breakdown on the Steve Hoffman Forum.

I have stated previously that finally releasing a single of Wearing and Tearing, as was apparently planned as a commemorative single for the Knebworth shows, would be an excellent Record Store Day release. However, as the remastered albums look like they are going to be released over time, that would be a release better served for a Record Store Day closer to the time In Through The Out Door is released.

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