Saturday, October 26, 2013

Getting then Led Out

Caught the boys with Get the Led Out at the second oldest theatre in the United States, the Oneonta Theatre in Oneonta, New York. Camera in hand, I had the view of a lifetime, watching the band stage side, the crowd at my back. I've seen and reviewed Get the Led Out twice before, in Milwaukee last year, and at Irving Plaza in New York two years ago. They were excellent both those times, they may have gotten better in the interm.

My thought at shows end, after having audience members jump over my head to dance on the stage, was that Get the Led Out is likely the best tribute band out there.  I've since revised my view,  Get the Led Out is likely one of the best performing bands right now, of any kind, on any circuit.

That said, the plan on this occasion was to let the picture's do the talking, and as I got close to 200 good pictures (of the 1,500 taken), this is to be a picture post.

Note: This show was on October 5th. Sometime around October 17th, long time GTLO crew member, Andrew Cattaneo, passed away.

Here's Andrew, contributing musically to the bridge of Fool in the Rain.


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